Tuesday, August 24, 2010

End of summer

It’s over, already ! I’m starting school next Wednesday. I’m a little bit excited: this will be the first time in 8 years that I will go to school without wearing a uniform XD I have to start worrying about coordinates and such…. maybe I will have more interesting outfits to show you guys soon?

Today, my lovely co-worker offered to replace me so that I could have a day off and I had so many things planned for this blog! First, I wanted to take pictures of all my circle lenses since lot of you have been asking for clearer pictures… but foolishly, the week before, I went got gel nails! And now, I can’t put on circle lenses!

I’m so torn now… I can’t review lenses if I have these nails but at the same time they are so cute! I can’t have flashy nail art because of my work but I thought these were cute and appropriate for work… so sad…

P20-08-10_14.47 simple is sometimes better :)

So I met up with my friend Yeon Joon, who’s an artist because he wanted to draw me. He asked me to pick 3 colours that I liked from his pencils and I picked blue, pink and he chose yellow. He drew for maybe 50 minutes and this is the progress~

wearing my glasses since he lost his haha

P23-08-10_23.43 P23-08-10_23.40

Isn’t it lovely? I wish I could draw people nicely, just like he did!! I’m still so impressed! I like how he added “Shmoo” at the top~ I didn’t even ask him to! haha

* * *

I think in my previous entry, I said I would post some pictures of my cosplay for Otakuthon but before I do so, I want to clarify some things. On the Otakuthon forums, people have been accusing me of wearing my Gypsy costume in order to attract attention on me. This upsets me a lot because this is not the reason why I chosed this costume.

I genuiely play RagnarokOnline and my character is a Gypsy!!


Isn’t it ridiculous that I have to prove that I play this game…

SO what if this costume is sexy? The only thing we can see is my stomach: my breasts are covered (and I don’t have any cleavage anyway…) and so is my butt and 85% of my legs. Next to a Yoko or a Rikku cosplay, I have more fabric on to cover myself up!

With that said, here are my favourite pictures :)

IMG_0107-46 IMG_0125-64 IMG_0157-88

And more pictures taken by fellow co-goers…


This picture was taken by Droo, photographer for Super Kawaii Magazine, a cosplay mag. I have no idea if my picture will be published or not but still, I really like this picture!!


I think this picture is pretty hilarious even tho this isn’t my best facial expression xD


Btw, this is my friend Pong. He is cosplayed as a stalker, also from Ragnarok. Our friend Aya was cosplaying a prof from RO as well but he doesn’t wish to have pictures of him on my blog.

Voila! I hope you enjoyed! It was pretty long to type considering how it’s hard to type with those nails…

Yeah… I’ll go file them now…

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  1. You look fantastic! I love your outfit :D That's completely ridiculous that you have to prove you play the game :( I don't understand that at all. Especially since I've seen *much* more revealing clothing at cons before! Ignore them, I think you look fantastic!