Friday, August 13, 2010

Meeting Himeka at Otakuthon !

This entry is going to be very different from what I usually write but I wanted to share the moment that I met someone that I have a lot of respect for.

I insist on the word respect a lot because this is the feeling I have whenever I hear a song by Himeka and whenever I read news about her. I find her story to be truly inspiring; sometimes surreal!

Today, right after work, I rushed to Otakuthon to meet my friends who were in line to get Himeka’s autograph. Luckily, they had arrived early so we had the chance to see her quickly!

Unfortunately, her manager insisted on forbidding pictures to be taken but her sweetness totally made up for it!

We told her it must feel nice to speak French again and she said she was still getting confused with speaking Japanese but it indeed felt nice to be able to speak and hear French again. She seemed really happy!

The whole time, she was smiling and very warm!


Isn’t her signature so nice? She spent a lot of time signing each photo so nicely!

Himeka, thank you so much for your kindness~


  1. awww she sounds nice :) xxx :*

  2. awww sounds like u had fun :)

  3. Lovely autograph! :-)) Is she an French-Japanese half??

  4. no! 100% French Canadian :)