Tuesday, August 17, 2010

OMG! This is an outfit post!!

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was very self conscious whenever I wore shorts because I don’t like my thighs. For this reason, I only own one pair of shorts.

I’m sorry. Owned!

I went shopping a few days ago and Simons was having a big sale and I got 2 really nice pair of shorts for 20$

This is a simple coordinate I made with one of them.


Top: Twik
Shorts: Simons
Necklace: Glow
Bag: Spring

I like these shorts a lot! Light pink and they are in linen so they are very comfortable! The necklace is from Glow, a small boutique close to Sherbrooke station where my friend used to work at. It’s a bit heavy but it’s an eye-catcher!

Right now, I’m still recovering from the long convention week-end! I’ll post more con pictures later but I wanted to share my favourite so far!

On Sunday, there was a little boy cosplaying and I asked his father if I could take a few pictures of him and he let me. He was so cute! So I asked if I could take a few pictures with him, seeing how adorable he was. Doing this attracted the crowd and people started taking pictures of this little boy and I.

His father has yet to send me those pictures but I found one on the Internet and I thought you guys would like it, considering some of my readers have kids around his age.

with milespic taken by a fellow con-goer 

Isn’t he the most adorable thing in this world?

I like to see kids cosplaying! They are so cute! I would never force my children to cosplay but if they enjoy dressing up, I’ll surely bring them to cons with me!


  1. I dont really like my thighs either. i wear s size n my thighs are m-L size -_-" working on it, but the fat there are so stubborn! I've learnt to hide them well though ;p

    BTW loving ur cosplay out fit^^ cant wait for more pictures! ;)

  2. Haha! Who are we kidding, they all really wanted a picture of you! :)

    But yes, you two did look very cute together! Hehe! I'm still editing all my pictures from the weekend so that's why I haven't posted anything yet. Once I do, I'll tag you in the photos. It would figure that the best picture I have of the two of you, and he wasn't even looking at the camera! Haha! And the one picture I DO have of you both looking at the camera, and I decide to take a slightly blurry picture! Boo! :(

    My son has been cosplaying with my wife for a couple of yrs now. (Usually she asks him what he wants to dress up as and then she goes about and makes the cosplay for him.) He enjoys coming out because he thinks of the Cons as big dressup parties. In the beginning he associated them as a Halloween party since everyone would give him Pocky or candy whenever he came to them so he's more than happy to come along. But like all kids, he can be tempermental at times and for the most part, when he starts getting "bored", we just chill and hang out in a corner or something and play with his toys or read books to pass the time away and more often than not, people will usually come to him to get a photo if they really want. :-)

    Thanks again for posting your pictures of him! They were some of the best I've seen of him so far! :-) If you ever come to Toronto for Anime North or Fan Expo, msg me and let me know and you can meet up with us/him for a few more photos next year! And I'm sure we'll probably see you again next year at Otakuthon. :-)

  3. lol my problem area is my arms i think they're too skinny :( aww tht lil boy is soo cute. i hope my boys will wanna cosplay soon they luv dressing up.
    i adore ur cosplay its lush im rubbish at making outfits unfortunately.

    ive joined a gyaru-sa wooo exciting. O:-)

  4. He's sooo cute!! I love seeing little kids dressed up in costumes. >3<

    A dear friend of mine has this beautiful two year old daughter that she dresses up in a bunny suit sometimes. If you ask the little girl where her tail is she twirls around and wiggles her bottom! >o< it's the most adorable thing I've seen in a long time!!!

    b. of Depict This!

  5. D'aaww <3
    Your outfit is supercute :D

    I like your blog ^^


  6. Love love love your costume! It looks fantastic!