Monday, September 27, 2010

‘Takus, I got your backs

Recently, a friend’s status popped-up on Facebook and it made me upset me.


Why, Fred?

You’re nothing like that. You’re that cool white girl who gets Asians. We call you Tamago because you’re white on the outside but Asian on the inside. You know what you’re talking about and you’re smart !

Because I was that anime-loving-mange-breathing-cosplayer idiot back then.

I say back then but really, it wasn’t so long ago.

I think people give anime lovers a bad rep for no reason. Now that I look at my behaviour a few years ago… I’m ashamed and as I’m typing I am horrified when I think about how I used to say “kawaii” and add honorifics to everyone’s name. Or how I used to sing Ayumi Hamasaki songs without looking up the lyrics so it ended up in some sort of gibberish that I thought was Japanese.

But when I think about it more… I realize it’s totally normal. I remember I was introverted, shy, I didn’t want my high school friends to know too much about the stuff I was into. I never invited them over to my place because they would see the posters in my room and I didn’t want them to think I was a nerd. Not that it was bad… but most people thought that watching cartoons or reading comics was childish. And, being childish in high school is the LAST thing you want to be.

100_1054my first convention: I cosplayed Tenten from Naruto

Then, came Otakuthon. Oh my god, a convention on Anime, Manga and lots of Japanese Culture related stuff. I remember, I went to this convention alone and I had only spoken to one person on the official forums; JusdePomme. After the convention, I had tons of friends, not only online… but in real life.

I finally had people with whom I could share! I had stuff in common with those people! I was so enthusiastic, a little too much but it was also their case.

Image4 At Anime North, I was 16 :)

Being an anime fan in high school is so hard. I think most people who always had friends who were into the same things as they were can’t understand it because, in a way, you’re stuck in 2 reality, trying to fit in in both of these worlds. Even my childhood friends would make fun of me, people that I didn’t go to school with. These friends were the people I was the most “comfortable” around, yet they made fun of me for liking anime and all that “ching-chong” stuff. How would I ever be able able to tell my normal school friends…

Then, I realized there were anime fans at my school and we became friends. I bed farewell to those other friends I had and started accepting that, yeah, I belonged with the nerdy kids. Best years of high school were these people, with whom I still talk to today.

Image5Two high school friend who were also Otakus. We drew together. 

So finally, I had people who were like me and together, we learned more about the stuff that we liked. We went to more conventions and met more people. The more people I met, the more I learned and less of an Otaku I became.

Today, I don’t watch Anime anymore. I still read manga; I’m a sucker for cheesy love stories. I proudly display them in my room; recently, my boyfriend came over and I was a little bit worried since I was a little bit scared of what he might think of my collection… but the first thing he did once he saw my collection was to pick up a few manga and read! XD I still cosplay because it’s freaking amazing too !!

P27-09-10_03.05-2-1My room today and a part of my manga collection

Looking that at my Otaku years, I don’t regret it anymore. I’m not ashamed. I was an otaku, I was that idiot who thought Japan was the coolest place on Earth and that Miyavi was the single hottest man that ever existed. Because I’ve been there, I was able to become the person that I am today and I know that it will always be a tiny part of myself.

Liking Asian cultures, not only Japan is part of me. It’s been there since I was a child, throughout high school and even until the day I die. Born that way, I guess…

So let’s stop hating on the otakus, wapanese, weaboos… whatever you want to call them. For a lot of people, it’s a rite of passage and for others, it’s just how they are. I can guarantee you that most people who are into one aspect of Japanese or maybe other Asian culture somehow got into it because of anime… and for most of them they also have the humiliating otaku past before becoming cool.

I used to think that how I got to be who I am today wasn’t relevant but now I know... Whoever said “it’s not the destination but the journey” was right.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010



Yay!! No more procrastination, my first ever giveaway is finally here! Here’s what you could win if you have a bit of luck!

3 IMG_0870

IMG_1058 IMG_1055

  • Keep calm and Have a Cupcake notebooks
  • 3 x 100% recycled paper notebooks
  • Super Cute Cupcake earphones
  • 2 pieces pyjama (size M) + pouch

I spotted the 2 cupcakes items and I was sure you guys would love it! As for the pyjama… I liked it so much I also bought one for myself XD


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Last day: October 9th 2010!

Good luck everyone and thank you so much for reading!!!


Hi everyone!

I was thinking: “Hmmm I haven’t blogged in a while so maybe I should re-introduce myself…” I guess I really have to stop being so sorry about the lack of updates and BLOG!

So I’m blogging now! A lot of you were quite curious about my new boyfriend but I feel it’s a bit too early in our relationship to introduce him yet but I’ll tell you this much; his name is Jung and he’s a Korean who grew up in Japan but has moved to Canada 12 years ago and he’s very fluent in French. I’m sure I’ll  have plenty of funny story for you guys very soon as we’re both incredibly absurd people…

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before but in high school, I used to wear a uniform and also  in my first college (it was a professional sort-of college) so it’s been at least 8 years since I’ve attended a normal school, wearing normal clothes. So I realised… GOSH I REALLY HAVE NO CLOTHES !!! My mom probably begs to differ but I’ve been giving a lot of clothes away and buying more versatile pieces and here’s what I got!

 4-4 7-7

I bought these two sweaters at Forever21. My friend recently started working there and she warns me whenever she spots something that I might like: we only have one Forever21 in Montreal so items sell out really quickly! The Rock&Roll sweater is quite long so it could easily be paired with stockings and short shorts^^ It’s also my bf’s favourite :)


Again another comfy sweater from F21. I fell in love with this t-shirt at H&M and I fell in love with the price!! Only 12.50$!! I never thought I would like a t-shirt with such a busy pattern but it’s so chic and easily dresses up any pair of jeans!! I think this is my best buy in this loot post!

6-6 3-3   9

And a few accessories! I love the tube scarf, also from H&M, not only is it a scarf but it can be a a hood too à la Lady Gaga, to quote my friend. No hat hair and it’s quite warm too!

There you have it~ More clothes! Now I swear, I won’t shop that much anymore… I’m saving up money for an awesome trip next summer :) Talk to you guys very soon; I’ll be posting the details of the giveaway TOMOROW!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sometimes I wish…

…people would be a little bit less selfish. I haven’t done a rant in a while so I’ll just ahead and let it all out…

One of my good friend is organizing her 20th birthday party this week-end and she wants to celebrate with style this year by reserving a table at 737 (a popular club in Montreal) and inviting only close friends.

I pathologically avoid clubs. I mean, epilepsy + funky club lighting + alcohol isn't a good mix but it’s not going to kill me either. As long as I take it easy, take my medicine and sleep a lot beforehand, I’ll be just fine. If it takes just that to make a friend happy on her birthday, then I’ll do it. After all, she’s not asking for a lot right?

Besides, clubbing with a bunch of friends is cool because you’re not there to find a one night stand or you’re not dancing against some weird guy just because you have no one else to dance with. Heck, you don’t have to dance either if you want to!

But now, everyone is giving her lame excuses at the last minute to justify why they can’t come or why she should invite someone else:

  • “ Clubbing isn’t my thing”
  • “ I would prefer a bar…”
  • “ I don’t like dressing up”
  • “ I don’t want to stay up late”
  • “ I can’t dance”

Come on people… This isn’t about you! Who cares if you prefer a bar; when it’s going to be your birthday, we’ll go to a bar and no one will complain, right? A friend is inviting you to a simple night out, you were sent the invitation weeks ago so that you had enough time to make plans for work or even find a place to crash at if you can’t go home after.

If it were me… seeing that kind of crap I would feel pretty bad right now and I would be on the verge of saying : “screw you guys, I’m just gonna spend my birthday watching Disney movies and eating ice cream by myself”. I just really hope it’s not my friend’s case.

Seriously people, think about it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Epic blogging fail

Maybe you remember around 2 weeks ago I tweeted this:


My dad bought himself a new camera so I’ve been borrowing his Canon XT a lot lately and I thought it would be nice to update my circle lenses pictures now that I can take good quality pictures! He also found his old tripod so it was just perfect to take circle lenses pictures!

… but most of them came out blurry !! It seems I have a lot more to learn about focus when it comes to self cam… sigh!

So the only picture that didn’t come out blurry is this one…

IMG_0776 someone please give me a sailor moon outfit! :D

Second blogging fail is the giveaway I’ve been promising for at least 2 months now!

I’m a really picky person… seeing all the other giveaways most bloggers do, I felt that I couldn’t come up with something as awesome! So I looked at all my followers blogs and tried to know you all a little better since the reason I’m doing this giveaway is to thank you guys, not to get more followers who just want the chance to win something and then not read my blog anymore! It just wouldn’t be right… right?

BUT I was at Chapters the other and I spotted the cutest thing ever and from there I was able to build a theme for my giveaway! Yay! So please look forward to it! I really didn’t forget you guys :)

So in order for you to forgive me, here’s my dog showing you his favourite trick; bang, t’es mort ! (means you’re dead in French)  Enjoy!

(I know the internet likes cats but, really, dogs are 9000 times more awesome!)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Freshmen Dundee

Being back to school is nice and starting college all over but being older this time around is definitely interesting.

Since last week, I’ve observed something quite funny: how freshmen run to each other to become friends as soon as possible so that they are not alone. I don’t mean casually talking to someone and gradually becoming friends but really those who will attach themselves to the first person they talk to.

I don’t know why, but I find it funny because I’m a bit of an asocial in class: I sit in my corner, talk when only I find it necessary to and if I can, I avoid team work, it’s much more easier to work on your own~

I have a few friends that I already know from before so that’s cool with me, I don’t really feel this urgent need to make new friends… besides… I’ve been spending most of my time in the library… sleeping XD


Oh wait? Outfit of the day?

I’ve been saying that I will posting outfits… and from now on, I’ll try to post everyday!!

This is actually from yesterday… I’m a SNSD fan and I like Jessica’s style and I’ve been searching for a sweater like hers from the Oh! music video… and I spotted one at Forever 21 the other day. I don’t usually buy from F21… I noticed that in order to keep their clothes nice looking you have to hand wash everything wish is a bit of an hassle for a lazy person like me XD

Maybe one day… I’ll give the high waist shorts a try :)