Friday, September 3, 2010

Freshmen Dundee

Being back to school is nice and starting college all over but being older this time around is definitely interesting.

Since last week, I’ve observed something quite funny: how freshmen run to each other to become friends as soon as possible so that they are not alone. I don’t mean casually talking to someone and gradually becoming friends but really those who will attach themselves to the first person they talk to.

I don’t know why, but I find it funny because I’m a bit of an asocial in class: I sit in my corner, talk when only I find it necessary to and if I can, I avoid team work, it’s much more easier to work on your own~

I have a few friends that I already know from before so that’s cool with me, I don’t really feel this urgent need to make new friends… besides… I’ve been spending most of my time in the library… sleeping XD


Oh wait? Outfit of the day?

I’ve been saying that I will posting outfits… and from now on, I’ll try to post everyday!!

This is actually from yesterday… I’m a SNSD fan and I like Jessica’s style and I’ve been searching for a sweater like hers from the Oh! music video… and I spotted one at Forever 21 the other day. I don’t usually buy from F21… I noticed that in order to keep their clothes nice looking you have to hand wash everything wish is a bit of an hassle for a lazy person like me XD

Maybe one day… I’ll give the high waist shorts a try :)


  1. Wow so cute!

    Clairey xxxx

  2. I never had a lot of friends at uni either, I had too much work to do! And when I didn't have work, I was reading books in the library too. ;)

    That's a cute outfit you are wearing. :)

  3. Ohh SNSD~ nice ^^ You should come visit me in Korea and we should go to their show :)

  4. FINALLY, someone asocial like me in college. I'm the oldest in my classes too, and I'm a victim of the freshmen trying to make friends as soon as they talk to someone. They consider me as their friends since they talked to me once during teamwork, I don't consider them my friends since...we don't talk or do anything that's unrelated to school together, and we share no common interests whatsoever. When I went to see my API about something, he asked "Do you have friends in class? In your field? ...In the school?" And I answered "No" to all those questions, so he wanted me to go see the school's psychologist because "My mental state is worrying him". =_=

  5. That's ridiculous ! Just because you're not close with people in your classes doesn't mean your a sociopath or something !!

  6. I love this idea ! I've been saving up money lately, maybe I can make this happen :D

  7. thanks! Libraries are awesome :D