Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hi everyone!

I was thinking: “Hmmm I haven’t blogged in a while so maybe I should re-introduce myself…” I guess I really have to stop being so sorry about the lack of updates and BLOG!

So I’m blogging now! A lot of you were quite curious about my new boyfriend but I feel it’s a bit too early in our relationship to introduce him yet but I’ll tell you this much; his name is Jung and he’s a Korean who grew up in Japan but has moved to Canada 12 years ago and he’s very fluent in French. I’m sure I’ll  have plenty of funny story for you guys very soon as we’re both incredibly absurd people…

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before but in high school, I used to wear a uniform and also  in my first college (it was a professional sort-of college) so it’s been at least 8 years since I’ve attended a normal school, wearing normal clothes. So I realised… GOSH I REALLY HAVE NO CLOTHES !!! My mom probably begs to differ but I’ve been giving a lot of clothes away and buying more versatile pieces and here’s what I got!

 4-4 7-7

I bought these two sweaters at Forever21. My friend recently started working there and she warns me whenever she spots something that I might like: we only have one Forever21 in Montreal so items sell out really quickly! The Rock&Roll sweater is quite long so it could easily be paired with stockings and short shorts^^ It’s also my bf’s favourite :)


Again another comfy sweater from F21. I fell in love with this t-shirt at H&M and I fell in love with the price!! Only 12.50$!! I never thought I would like a t-shirt with such a busy pattern but it’s so chic and easily dresses up any pair of jeans!! I think this is my best buy in this loot post!

6-6 3-3   9

And a few accessories! I love the tube scarf, also from H&M, not only is it a scarf but it can be a a hood too à la Lady Gaga, to quote my friend. No hat hair and it’s quite warm too!

There you have it~ More clothes! Now I swear, I won’t shop that much anymore… I’m saving up money for an awesome trip next summer :) Talk to you guys very soon; I’ll be posting the details of the giveaway TOMOROW!!!

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