Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sometimes I wish…

…people would be a little bit less selfish. I haven’t done a rant in a while so I’ll just ahead and let it all out…

One of my good friend is organizing her 20th birthday party this week-end and she wants to celebrate with style this year by reserving a table at 737 (a popular club in Montreal) and inviting only close friends.

I pathologically avoid clubs. I mean, epilepsy + funky club lighting + alcohol isn't a good mix but it’s not going to kill me either. As long as I take it easy, take my medicine and sleep a lot beforehand, I’ll be just fine. If it takes just that to make a friend happy on her birthday, then I’ll do it. After all, she’s not asking for a lot right?

Besides, clubbing with a bunch of friends is cool because you’re not there to find a one night stand or you’re not dancing against some weird guy just because you have no one else to dance with. Heck, you don’t have to dance either if you want to!

But now, everyone is giving her lame excuses at the last minute to justify why they can’t come or why she should invite someone else:

  • “ Clubbing isn’t my thing”
  • “ I would prefer a bar…”
  • “ I don’t like dressing up”
  • “ I don’t want to stay up late”
  • “ I can’t dance”

Come on people… This isn’t about you! Who cares if you prefer a bar; when it’s going to be your birthday, we’ll go to a bar and no one will complain, right? A friend is inviting you to a simple night out, you were sent the invitation weeks ago so that you had enough time to make plans for work or even find a place to crash at if you can’t go home after.

If it were me… seeing that kind of crap I would feel pretty bad right now and I would be on the verge of saying : “screw you guys, I’m just gonna spend my birthday watching Disney movies and eating ice cream by myself”. I just really hope it’s not my friend’s case.

Seriously people, think about it.

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  1. This is freaking lame, especially when she planned it weeks ahead :( I mean, if you don't like dancing or clubs, just have a drink with your friends...
    Well, she'll know who really cares!

    I would totally pull the "I'm eating ice cream alone" card.