Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I miss being blonde…

So recently I dyed my hair brown and at first it was really dark and I was quite disappointed even thought my hairstylist (and good friend) told me it was normal and that a lot of the colour would disappear as I washed my hair. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I actually didn’t really like it, since she’s a good friend and I didn’t want to hurt her feelings so I left the salon smiling and I thought to myself that I was going to wash my hair 12 times that night to make it the color that I wanted.

So I did… I bought some Head&Shoulders on my way home and washed my hair a couple of times for a few days but I wasn’t anywhere close to the color I had wanted originally so I bought hair dye and made the color a lot lighter.

But I’m still not happy about my hair colour and I’m more confused now that my friends are either saying : ‘’ I think you looked better in blonde’’ or ‘’You rock as a brunette’’.

IMG_1054 IMG_1206
before and after picture (not naked btw on first pic, just wearing a tank top)

So I really don’t know that to do with my hair anymore! I already bought a dye removing kit… and I also ordered blond extensions so I have until they arrived to make up my mind!

What should I do with my hair now…

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