Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall favourites

Hi everyone~
It’s Friday night and I’m blogging! It’s actually my boyfriend’s birthday today, we went out for diner with a few friends and it was a lot of fun. I was really tired after diner so I headed back to the hotel to rest and now I feel a little bit better so I thought I should show you a few outfit pictures I took lately!
I showed this scarf in my last shopping loot post, this is definitely my favourite scarf for this season. My friends say I remind them on Lady Gaga when I wear that scarf ( blonde + straight bangs + tube scarf = Lady Gaga apparently) but I think it’s nice… I like Lady Gaga. She’s eccentric and crazy, I like people like that :)
Another season favourite is STRIPES… I have been shopping a lot with Migy lately and I’ve told her; ‘’ If you see me picking up something with stripes, you have to tell me to put it down’’! I already have way too many stripe sweater and t-shirts!
I really love my hair on that picture, I was having a good hair day until I stepped outside… it was RAINING… sigh… Ô Canada~
Finally, I bought this faux-fur trim/scarf at H&M two days ago and I REALLY love it! I know monster fur is really popular right now, I see it everywhere in store but surprisingly… I don’t see anyone wearing it! That’s good for me I guess… I won’t end up wearing the same thing as half the population of Montreal!
Hope you like this small update :) What are your favourite fall items right now?

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