Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Someone is a psycho bitch (hint: it’s not me)

If you follow me on twitter, you may have noticed that I’ve been dealing with some online and offline drama lately. I don’t seem to be alone since both Violet and Fuyume were having drama on their side too.

WTF is going on in the blogosphere???

Anyway… I hope you’re in for a lengthy post because this is going to be one hell of a ride…

Four years ago, I started dating my ex kung fu teacher, I was 17 and he was 19 at the time. We had a good relationship but I was annoyed at the fact that a 14 year old, that we are going to call KA, was obviously crushing on him. Not that I felt the competition or anything like that but she would post A LOT on his FB wall and talk to him as much as possible between classes. He was too nice to ever say anything to her but it did annoy him too.

Eventually we broke up ) and we went our separate ways. Then, some time in 2009, I posted a link to an articled in the Dailymail about a woman killing herself and her daughter after years of bullying. KA suddenly contacted me to ask me if I used to be bullied and it irritated me because the tone she used in her message was as if bullying was something to be taken lightly, with lol and haha everywhere.

So I wrote this.

Then she sent me 6 messages because she was unhappy with the fact that I blogged about her. Also she pointed out that it wasn’t nice of me to write how, in the past, I would have loved to shove her in a wall because she was annoying so I edited my post and that was it.

A few months went by, left comments here and there but most of the time I ignored them... until she contacted me in July, after I had received numerous defamatory questions on formspring. In one day, she sent me 4 emails, 5 formspring novels and some comments on my blog, basically to tell me that I was wrong about her liking my ex, how she thought she knew me better then I expected her to and finally, the sappy story of her life. Those e-mails were not pretty… I would screenshot them for you but they are quite long and in French. Translation isn’t a problem but what she wrote is a little bit hard for me to interpret in English.

I lost my patience there; I contacted my ex and asked him what was her deal… turns out she had been harassing him all summer of 2009 until he blocked her on FB. Since then, he never heard from her again so we concluded that since she couldn’t get through him, I was next.

So I wrote to her one e-mail that basically tells her to stop reading my blog and to stop writing to me. She then replied that she understood, everything was good and that she would never write to me again.

And I believed her.

She wrote to me again last week and I told her I didn’t want to read any link or blog she wanted me to read.

I’ve seriously been considering going to the police station and report this as harassment. I’ve talked about it with a friend who was victim of harassment before and she told me that even if her e-mails were not threatening, the fact that she keeps on contacting me to tell me she dislikes me is still harassment since she won’t stop even thought I’ve asked her countless times already to stop. I’ve also told my mom about this and she also agrees with me; reporting this might actually scare her enough to the point that she will actually stop!

So why in hell am I posting this blog post?

Because I know she reads my blog (even if she dislikes me… how does that even make sense???) and in a way, I want her to know how serious I am about this.

I know I joke a lot and that I am generally a sarcastic person but I’m at my limit. I’ve printed every e-mail, every FB messages, every Formspring questions and so on and it’s quite a large document. Just to give you an idea… I had to use an industrial stapler…


So KA, this is my message to you.

Leave me alone. Or try me.
but trust me you don’t want to try me…

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