Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gyaru, uh?

At first, I wanted to blog about the spa I went to today but then I realised you guys might start hating me if I have two posts in a row showing off awesome things I have or do( like my bathroom that everybody loves, yay!). Please don’t hate me T_T haha

Recently, I’ve come to realize that I really love gyaru fashion. Well it’s not a recent thing actually… but following so many gyaru bloggers is so inspiring… I feel like giving it a try too! Shawna’s recent post really got me motivated so I downloaded a few magazines and did a collage of the looks I liked the best!

looks based on items that I already have/can find easily here



For now, I’ll keep looking at more magazines and try to find my own little style in all that gyaru inspiration!

I have a collage from Ageha coming up but I’ll upload that one tomorrow… I should be sleeping already =P

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