Friday, November 19, 2010

My bathroom set-up!

Lately, a few bloggers have been blogging about their room and as much as I would love to show you mine… my room is just really boring. It used to be my little brother’s room but we switched since I wanted a bigger room and he is barely ever at home… but we didn’t bother redecorating since my parents are eventually going to sell this house when my dad retires (and force me to move out…haha)
However, I have a pretty neat bathroom that I share with my little brother and poor guy, I have taken over it with all my products! haha


What I like the most about my bathroom is how huge the mirror is and how bright the lights are. When I wake up, it’s often really dark outside (especially at this time of the year… it’s always dark!!) so being able to do my make-up with good lighting is great! :D

And a little plus… I put one of my piano’s banch in the bathroom because I’m a very lazy person and I rather sit down when I do my hair and make-up… teehee~
IMG_1359 IMG_1360
Skincare and hair products

I like to keep my make-up brushes in a cup since it’s much faster in the morning… I know dust can get in them so I wash them really often.

IMG_1361 IMG_1363

I try to keep my make-up organized in the first drawer; I bought these little baskets at my local dollar store; 1$ for three! The second drawer is for eyelashes and some of my circle lenses!

IMG_1364 IMG_1365IMG_1366 IMG_1367

Hair gear!! The flat iron is a Limited edition CHI In love ; I got this one when I was living in France since my other straightener exploded (not kidding!) because of the voltage difference. Then I realised I couldn’t use this one either while I was living there XD I like it but I’m sad that it doesn’t have temperature control… Since I couldn’t use it in France I ended up buying a mini flat iron that had dual voltage that I leave in my locker :D
I recently the Hot Tools professional spring curling iron (1”) and I’m really happy with this one! I haven’t used a lot of curling irons before so I can’t review this… oh well~ I really like it :)

The first set of hot curlers by Hot Tools were also bought when I was living in France; they are so convenient since they have dual voltage (which means I can use those in Canada and in France!) they are also bigger then the larger rolls in the second set by Conair which is great when I want wavy-ish curls :)


Hope you enjoyer this post~ I want to cutify my bathroom a bit…I’m thinking of sticking Japanese make-up and outfit inspiration pictures on the mirror, any suggestions? :)

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