Monday, November 29, 2010

Spa Scandinave is my new love <3

Oh my… what a week-end! Like I said in my previous post, our dear B-Oppa was in town this week-end therefore, we had to party like in the old days! It was a lot of fun and I wished I had taken pictures (B did but he has yet to send them to me). A friend didn’t feel so well towards the end of the night and she needed some care but in the end, everything ended well.

Except I’m exhausted!!

Some of you may know that I work (very hard!!) in a hotel and one of its perks is that I’m often invited to try out restaurant, touristic attractions and such so that I can recommend them to my guests. Recently, my hotel signed an agreement with a local spa allowing the staff to have access to the spa’s facilities for free!!

So I jumped on the offer and gave the spa a try! I love steam baths, saunas, hot and cold baths so I couldn’t miss this occasion. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera with me as this spa as a quiet policy and cameras would disrupt the peace in the spa but here are some pictures from their website!


Don’t you love the modern feel of this spa? The staff is very friendly and this is something I am extremely picky about since I’ve been working in hotels for years now. Once I introduced myself at the front desk, the clerk directed me to his colleague Xavier, the one I spoke on the phone with earlier that day. Xavier explained how the spa works and gave me a pair of sandals, a bathrobe and a bracelet to open my locker. The locker room is very impressive, the lockers themselves don’t work with keys and that is a major plus; I don’t like the smell of wet metal. Instead, the bracelet has a little magnet inside that matches the locker number, just like a hotel room key!

I spent the next 2 hours trying out the baths and saunas, following Xavier’s instructions; 15 minutes in a sauna or a thermal bath, a few seconds under cold water and 15 minutes of relaxation. I first tried the eucalyptus steam bath followed by a cold shower and then read a magazine about Yukon ( I had no idea Dawson City had so many ghost stories!!). Then I tried the thermal bath, the cold bath and relaxed in the Zero Stress Zone… where I fell asleep!

I’m the type of person who has a hard time falling asleep, especially if I’m not home, in my own bed and without taking my meds! I still can’t believe I fell asleep there! I think I dozed off for a good 40 minutes!! I then tried the sauna and relaxed again until I called it a day.

Overall, it was an amazing experience and if you have the chance, I recommend you try it out too! After I told Migy (who happens to be my best friend AND co-worker) we decided to give it a try together this week! Maybe this time, we’ll be able to sneak a picture here and there :)

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