Sunday, November 7, 2010

Yumetembou Loungewear <3

I recently ordered from Yumetembou with the wonderful Akane and we received our order last week! God Bless Japanese post… how is it that they are incredibly fast even when you pay for the most basic shipping option available? Oh well~

I was gonna make a review but I ended up camwhoring more so I’ll post every item in different posts (AND those are gonna count as outfit posts! Yay!)

The first item I fell in love is this cute lounge wear at 980Y

I’m really happy with this one! The fabric is really soft and the sizing is perfect =3 I usually go for medium when it comes to PJs, especially for shorts so I ordered a L and it fits perfectly! The straps are a little bit loose but that’s not a problem unique to this PJ… damn you small chest!!


I felt this picture is a little bit revealing legwise… but oh well~ I’ve got my plushie Big Doudou distracting you from the skin! 8D

I edited this picture in twelve different ways…

IMG_1328-2 IMG_1328-3

Didn’t want to let all that editing be useless… since I obviously LOVE the – clarity button in Adobe Lightroom!! haha

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