Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Don’t you love it when drama suddenly appears at the end of the of a perfect day? This is exactly my situation right now. I had an awesome day at the spa with my best friend Annick then I went to watch my friends train at a gym and got to use my friend Jeremy’s super-awesome-and-professional-camera-that’s-worth-more-then-my-life! I swear, he was telling me the specs and how much each part cost and I was counting how many round trips to South Korea that would be. It was a lot.

Check out the vid he made from the footage I filmed of him tricking. I used to trick before but I stopped after I overkilled my hip. I kinda miss it so I’m trying to go to the gym and watch my friend train now and then. Made Jer’s day since I got ton of footage for him.

P20-12-10_18 P20-12-10_182
shameless camwhoring in the spa’s locker room

Annick and I have known each other for a long time. I met her when I was in second year of secondary school. At the time, I was hanging out with girls who weren’t too nice and they would be friendly with Annick at times but often mock her behind her back. I ended up ditching those girls and later reconnected with Annick when she started to date one of my male friends (they broke up but she still hung out with us). I was at the spa today and I was thinking about the best and the worse times we had together. I miss hanging out everyday at school with our friends and throwing food at each other. Annick and I were the only 2 girls in a gang of 7-8 boys; every lunch time was crazy!!

Most people don’t know that Annick and I went through a very sad period where we didn’t talk to each other for a year; to make a story short, a guy had gotten in between us and tore our friendship apart. Annick had long been my best friends so for that time where she wasn’t in my life, I really didn’t have anyone as close as her. I’m so glad we reconnected last year.

Now I work with her and a lot of people say that the best way to ruin a friendship is to work with your friends. I disagree; Annick and I have been through so much shit… work just can’t bring us down that easily! I don’t know if everyone is able to find a person they can really call their best friend but I think I have and I feel truly blessed to have such a nice girl as my best friend [insert cheesy music here].

Sorry if this post is kinda pointless and boring, typing this made me feel better and now I’m going to read this again a few more times and convince myself that I’m totally feeling awesome and that no drama ever happened tonight! :D

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