Monday, December 20, 2010

Jelly January 2011

Aaaww what a nice week-end! I expected my Saturday to be really lame; I was working while everyone at work was enjoying the staff Christmas party. I was really bummed since it’s the third year in a row that I’m the one on duty while the others are having fun but I still passed by after I was done with my shift to say hi. My friend Nico has talked me into joining him to go club so I invited a co-worker and we headed to Laval to go club at Moomba! I’m not a big fan of night clubs; I never take myself seriously when I go clubbing so we had a blast! Our bartender was simply amazing; at the end of the night, he was dancing on the bar and pouring alcohol on everybody!! I got home around 5am because once the club closed at 3am, we headed to Nico’s Christmas party and enjoyed Chinese food. I have very high tolerance to alcohol so I was totally fine at work today^^


But enough about my awesome clubbing life (LOL!) and on to Jelly’s January edition! I’m starting to really love doing these collage posts; it’s so relaxing to look for coordinates that I like and to pick the ones that I liked the best! I noticed that in my last post, all the coordinates where all squished in one picture so this time I split it in two~

jelly_jan2Loving the over sized sweaters!!

jelly_jan1Shorts in the winter aren’t really a good idea in Canada… I still love the look tho!

A lot of neutral colors and basic items this time; it’s great how one item can turn around a simple outfit into a fabulous coordinate!

On a side note, Annick and I are going to the spa tomorrow so hopefully, we will be able to sneak a few pictures here and there for you guys~!!

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