Saturday, December 18, 2010

My decoed phone

How’s everyone been? I’m so glad school is over for a few weeks, I took some time off to catch up on sleep and being lazy. I’ve been a bit emo lately; watching too many Korean dramas and then having some personal drama on top of that has that effect of me… Also, my hours were cut at work so I’ve got way too much free times on my hands. I might look for a second part time job during the vacations.

Recently, I chipped my precious LG Lollipop and I was really upset about it :( I never wanted to deco this phone since it’s so sleek and colourful, it’s already perfect. I’m very clumsy and I dropped it one too many times and you could see a screw and parts of the phone !! So I had no choice but to cover it and turns out, I’m quite happy with the result!


I went to Omer Deserres to buy epoxy glue even though I usually avoid their shops. I’ve you live in Montreal, you know that Omer Deserres is where artistic snobby hippies like to hang around and glare at you if you dare use a plastic bag (I’m not even kidding). I chatted with this older sale representative who seemed really glad that I was looking for epoxy glue instead of like… acrylic paint or some other fancy stuff. It was funny!

So there you have it! A few Swarovski crystals and a large glittery pink bow ( from Fullmoon) and no more big boo boo on my phone!

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