Thursday, December 23, 2010

Popsister January 2011

Thank you everyone for your kind (don’t wanna use that word right now…) sweet words earlier today. I feel better already :) It seems 2010 was a year of bad luck when it comes to love but I can’t let that affect me too much, right? I was angry, cried what I needed to cry and now I have my friends cheering me up. I’m very thankful for you guys as well! Your words really soothed my heart icon_hearts2 I will stay kind… but I’ll reserve it to people who truly deserve it!!

PLUS, no matter what, it’s still Christmas so I can’t let anything ruin this time of the year !!! :D


Enough with the sad stuff and on with the good stuff: amazing fashion! Last month, I didn’t download Popsister so I decided to give it a try this time and see if there would be any looks that I would like!


I like these looks but I don’t like them as much as some coordinates that that I saw in Jelly. They are very winter appropriate and I like that they are mostly basics. So nothing WOW but pretty enough for my eye^^

Any thoughts on Popsister? ^^

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