Friday, December 10, 2010

Popteen January 2011

School’s out! Oh how happy I am… this semester was really hard on me… it was a lot of fun since I loved all my classes but my schedule was such a mess, it was hard for me to keep up a sleeping pattern >.< I’m so happy I transferred to Dawson, I can’t believe I wasted 3 years at ITHQ. Well, those three years were not entirely wasted since now I work in a field that’s really cool (unlike most students, I don’t work a minimum salary job… big plus!) and a lot of my classes were credited so I can really focus on my language courses!

But, yeah,  enough with the school talk…

I downloaded the January edition of Popteen and oh my, they are so many looks that I really liked! A lot of items are items that I already have or can get my hands on easily. With boxing day coming up, I’m paying close attention to looks that I like in magazines and I’ll try to find similar items while shopping!

popteen_jan11I really need to get one of those cat/bear ears scarf thingie !! I keep picking
looks that include those !!

I’ve never been to a boxing day before but this year I will be working on the 25th so I’ll be able to go shop the next day. Any interesting boxing day stories or survival tips for me?

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