Monday, January 17, 2011

Ageha January 2011

Hi everyone~ how are you all doing? I’m enjoying my last two days of vacations… well not really. I caught a cold so I’ve been sleeping a lot and it’s really messing up my sleeping schedule. I’m glad a lot of you enjoyed my last deco project! :D I’m out of glue so as soon as I get some I will deco my iPod 4 case and my pill box. A friend suggested that I should deco for people and get paid for that but I don’t feel comfortable decoing for money just yet ^^’ If you wanted me to deco something for you, email me and maybe we can arrange something (like you send me your parts and I do it for you~)

Anyways~ I started a Facebook like page; someone pointed out to me that they like to read my blog but they don’t have a twitter or a blogger account so they couldn’t keep up with the updates. If you have Facebook, feel free to ‘’like’’ my page. I’ll try to add interesting content, I’m just trying to figure out what since I don’t want my twitter, Facebook and tumblr to just all be the same thing.


Now on with the interesting stuff: Ageha! I’m always eager to look at Ageha scans because I find that not only are the make up pages excellent but the magazine itself is FILLED with awesome coordinates. I always look at the whole magazine 3 times in case I missed one and often while I’m cropping the coords that I liked the most, I still spot one that I missed!

ageha_janI’m in love with the pants on the left coord!

ageha_jan2warmer coords; Canadian winter friendly!

I’m also considering a hair change… nothing brown tho (we know what happened last time ^^’) but I really like the hair colour on the third model, second collage ( I’m bad with names, sorry!). Any thoughts?

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