Thursday, January 27, 2011

Decoden; Ipod 4 case

Yay! I finally got around to decorate my ugly 1$ iPod case that I got from eBay and I’m REALLY happy with the result. It’s really pink, with a lot of sweets and flowers :) It reminds me a little bit of a cake!

All the plastic parts are from Fullmoon except the large gem; that’s something I got a while ago from a plastic parts factory haha. The clay flowers are from Strapya, and the rhinestones from Artbeads!


IMG_0105  IMG_0106

To be honest, this design was a pain to make… mainly because I decided to try a different epoxy glue. Before, I had always used a 5 minutes glue which was very troublesome since it would become tacky quickly and I always had to remix more glue and ended up wasting a lot of it! So I got 60 minutes glue instead but that was NOT a good idea at all!

The parts kept moving and it was especially hard to make the bunny and large pink bow stay angled since the glue took so much time to become tacky! I like to work fast; usually when I start a deco project, I don’t stop until I’m completely done so this glue problem really slowed me down. Lesson learned: I need to find an in-between glue! haha


I think my next deco project is going to be my earphones! I need something cute to match my cute iPod~

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