Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I’m so glad…

… that my friends are awesome.

Unexpectedly, I was fired from work today. I don’t want to go in details but all I’m gonna say is that’s it’s an unjustified dismissal and I’m going to fight for my rights.

I was crying at work while my co-workers were trying to cheer me up while I was emptying my locker . The person who just fired me earlier then came in and said;

‘’ I just want you to know, I’m sorry’’

‘’ No you’re not sorry but thanks anyway. No worries, I’ll be out of here in a minute, I’m almost done cleaning my locker.’’

She left really quickly and banged the door; I don’t know if it was because I refused her lame apology or because I saw through another of her lies but as little compensation as it was… it felt great to snap at her for once!

I had called my friends and they were waiting for me outside. Ellie gave me a big hug while I cried in the middle of the street. My friend George flicked my boss off through the window (though I didn’t realize until he told me later)… that was a bit immature but oh well…

We spent the day walking around, shopping, eating, drinking and cheering me up.

Today, I felt really loved and blessed to have such wonderful friends,


Puffy eyes, ruined make-up and red eyes… don’t care. I wanted to take a pic to remember the day where my friends ran to me to cheer me up.

And they did a wonderful job :)

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