Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Ugh. Wrote 2 posts, but I’m too tired to edit them. My grammar is pure bleh right now.

Here’s some useless camwhoring instead.

182550yay for good hair days

I bought this marine-ish jacket at H&M this fall, it was only 20$ since the buttons were ugly and falling apart. Finally got around to sew some pretty gold ones instead. Mom is in love with this jacket. Big dots t-shirt also from H&M, 5$ on clearance. I love good deals! :D

224450wearing the same jacket, again XD

Got a haircut today, only bangs @ Idéal Nature. Carlos is totally awesome, if you need a hair cut, ask for him. Not paid or anything btw, I just love supporting a friend’s business.

Meh… this blog entry is so pointless XD posting a real one tomorrow!

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