Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ranzuki January 2011

It’s already Sunday and I thought I was going to update my blog this week but it seems I’m still not used to being back to school yet: I’m really happy I am tho! I honestly, love school now that I study in something that I like and that I go to a school that I like… wow how cheesy of me~ :3

Before I go on with the cool fashion stuff, I want to address a comment I received through formspring. Although I don’t own any items made out of real fur, an anonymous coward accused me of being an ‘’animal killer’’ and a ‘’monster’’ for posting coords that include fur. I don’t think my stand on fur and fashion is relevant to anyone; it’s a personal choice and it’s a question of values. It’s great that you battle against animal cruelty and I salute you for doing so but going ahead and insulting people who don’t share the same opinions has you is childish and ridiculous. It doesn’t make me want to join you in your battle at all. This can apply to many things in your life, not only fur and fashion. Fight the battles you want to fight but stay civilized. That’s all I gotta say~

There’s nothing that pisses me off then someone who tries to force their values onto me… even if from the start we share the same ㅡ.ㅡ. Annnyyywwaaayyy~ you know what time it is :D


I find Ranzuki to be a really fun magazine: the coords are colourful and there are a looooot of outfits shots. I had to leave a few out of my collages since they were not collage friendly but I still included at lot of coords!


Oh Spring, are you here already? I want to wear shorts !!

I’m looking at these and I’m seriously heartbroken… it’s currently -30°C!! I didn’t even go outside today and I felt very sorry for my friend who had to walk his dog XD. If you live in Montreal, habillez-vous comme du monde!!

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