Friday, February 4, 2011

Circle lenses: EOS Neon Pink

I haven’t posted a circle lenses review in a while; it’s so cold here in Canada that wearing circle lenses outside at –20 is a little bit of a problem for someone who has dry eyes like me! Luckily, the weather has been a little bit warmer lately and I was FINALLY able to test the lenses mukuCHU sent me!

You probably remember that this summer, I reviewed EOS Super Nudy in Pink. Since pink lenses are really popular lately, mukuCHU sent me another pair of pink lenses to try!


Disclaimer: These lenses were sponsored by mukuCHU, however this review is based on my own personal experience.

Comfort: Despite the fact that it is still very cold here and the air in my house is quite dry, these lenses are very comfortable. I’ve worn them at school and I didn’t feel like I was wearing lenses at all! I’m actually wearing them right now!

Enlargement: The vials are long gone and I’m pretty sure these are 14.5mm lenses however the enlargement is really good: since the black rim is quite thick, it really gives a good illusion of bigger eyes that is not too spooky.

Colour and design: The main reason mukuCHU chose to send me these lenses is that the design is a  lot more bolder compared to the Super Nudy. The rim black rim is very thick and dark and there isn’t any clear space so the pink part doesn’t blend at all with your natural eye colour. Since the colour is so bold, I found that it didn’t suit my hair colour so well that’s why I took picture wearing a dark brown wig: it has a little bit of a cosplay feel.

I really like these lenses and I was in a cosplay mood after taking these picture so here’s an extra picture! I didn’t feel like wearing my gypsy cosplay (for very obvious weather reasons!) so enjoy this face shot instead!


Remember to pay mukuCHU a visit if you want affordable and authentic circle lenses. They are currently upgrading their website and they recently bought their domain name! Also, mukuCHU donated 2$ for each pair of circle lenses sold from batch order #17 to the Flood Relief Appeal: responsible seller, I like!

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