Monday, February 21, 2011

Decoden: pill box

Hi everyone! How was your Monday?

I dislike Mondays simply because they are the start of the week and I already look forward for the week-end…e000_047 even if I know I tend to not do much on week-ends! My day was boring but I filled out an application for a job I really really really really really really want and I hope this one works out!e000_044

In the meantime, last night I took a break from my humanities essay to deco my pillbox. I wanted to keep it simple and clean since it’s something that I use everyday and that is most of the time in my messy purse.


I recently bought 2000 3mm white flat-back pearls on Ebay so I used those and a little bows from FullMoon. I’m considering adding a larger bow on the top section, what do you think?e000_060

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