Monday, February 28, 2011

Ranzuki March 2011

What a crazy week-end!! Yesterday was the Nuit Blanche in Montreal which means a lot of attractions were open all night and even the metro was running al night! With my friends, we headed to one a friend’s restaurant and chilled there until they closed and then moved to the Old Port to see what was Montreal up to! It was realllllly cold so we gave up on ice skating and headed to a shisha cafe and played card games instead all night! It was one of those simple night out but it was a lot of fun! I got home around 7:00am!


I took this picture when I was on my way home, I thought the sky was really nice! I should wake up early and watch sunrises more often e000_050


Aside from all the snowy fun I had this week-end, I downloaded Ranzuki and I realised that I haven’t checked that magazine in a while. It was definitely refreshing to look at; after the disappointement from Popsister that I had last week, I was in for a little bit more colours and funk! And yay for Ranzuki… I had a really hard time chosing my favourite outfitse000_074


More comfy oversized sweaters: I’m loving this trend!e000_073


I kinda dislike the right model’s hair and expression… imo she kinda looks wasted… is it me?e000_052

I realllllly need to get a job and go shopping e000_062e000_062[3]

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