Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Polka dots tights!

This week was exhausting; so many midterms… it’s only 10pm and I’m considering going to sleep already BUT not before I share my happiness hahae000_012 I was reading Jenny’s blog the other day (when she wrote about dotted tights she saw at Targete000_013) and after class today I thought I should check out Zellers since Target recently bought Zellers… I thought I had a more chance finding cool tights there!e000_073

And I was right! I not only found dotted tights but a bunch of really nice fashion tights, all at 6$ a paire000_004 This really made my daye000_075 I can’t wait to wear them! I’ve already started gathering coordinates that had those kind of tights in them for inspiration e000_055

P09-03-11_20.32 P09-03-11_20.35


Next item I have to get: a cute new spring coat!! e000_057

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