Sunday, March 20, 2011

Recent loot!

Hi everyone! How have you all been? It was March break for me this week so I spent a lot of time relaxing at home and catching up on the sleep e000_081that I’ve been lacking because of the midterms that preceded this break.03 Sadly… my break is almost over and I’m going back to school next week… oh well… all good things have an end right02?

During this break, my mom wanted to go shopping! Yay! We were mainly looking for a spring coat but we ended up buying a lot more then just a coat hahae000_009So I thought I should share my latest gets from both that retail therapy trip and recent gets!


Chiffon flowered tunic; Sirens
Oversized pink shirt; Costa Blanca

I was really surprised when my mom pointed out the chiffon tunic inside the shop: not only was it loved at first sight but my mom realllly liked it too1638 ! The oversized shirt was bought using a gift card that an ex-colleague gave me for my birthday: I rarely shop at Costa Blanca but I fell in love with that shirt the moment I saw it. I had been looking for this type of shirt with a “boyfriend” sort of feeling but with a feminine touch forever! e000_073

Lace shirt: Sirens
Sheer blouse: Forever21

The sheer blouse is actually a birthday gift from my BFF Annick e000_044Not only did she gave me a gift card for one of my favourite mall but she also got me this fabulous shirt when we were shopping at F21 together! I like it so much; I wore it on my birthday party (combined with the super pretty necklace Dominique got me… but my camera died when I got to take pictures of accessories e000_054)



Oversized sweater: Fancy Tree House

I got this oversized sweater a little while ago but I haven’t had the chance to really take a good picture of it before today e000_007Î was a little bit disappointed to find tiny yellow stains all over the back of each sleeves but oh well… it’s not called vintage clothing for nothing!e000_051


Shorts: Sirens and Smart Set

Finally… I finally got over my self confidence issue about my legs and went crazy when shopping for shorts… you might recall that before… I only had one pair of shorts for last summer… well now I have more then I’ll ever need to wear for the whole summer!! e000_065

I also got a few accessories but my camera died so I’ll keep those for another entry! I can’t wait for summer timee000_028! I live in a country where it’s cold… pretty much 8 months a year but summer is still my favourite season when it comes to fashion!

Now if only I can get a shop and go shopping more often… anyone wants to hire me? icon_worries2

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