Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stand up!

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I’m glad you all liked my somewhat of an outfit post last week! I won’t be able to get my hands on a full lenght mirror so I’m glad you can get an idea of what I’m wearing looks like.e000_013

I picked up those tights at Aldo last week when I was hanging with my friend who had just came back from Japan. Aren’t they the cutest thing ever??? I’m so happy because usually skin coloured tights are too dark for my skin colour and I end up have tan looking legs when I’m actually very fair! These tights however are very light so they are perfect! The shorts are from smart set and the top and the neck are from Forever 21 (the necklace is a gift from Dominique!).

Funny thing happened at school when I was wearing this outfit. I had just finished my Chinese lab and I was going to my locker when I passed in front of a group students who were chilling in the hallway. One of the girls started laughing and yelling: “WHAT IS SHE WEARING?" WHAT IS SHE WEARING?”. I was feeling quite gutsy so I turned around and looked at her, straight in the eyes and said: “What are YOU wearing?”.e000_079

She was your typical ugg-boots+leggings-as-pants college girl and her friends quickly caught up on that and laughed at her. She didn’t say anything and looked at the floor. I was quite surprised that she didn’t have anything else to say, to be honest, I was almost expecting her to start a fight! e000_058I left and I felt quite powerful at that moment.

I hope none of you face these kind of girls on a daily basis… and that if you do, go ahead and confront them! I think most of the time, these people who say these kind of things don’t expect you to react, so go ahead and humiliate them!


I’ve been going to school with no make-up recently ^^’’

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