Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Trip to Korea: Drama sightseeing!

As some of you may know (especially if you follow me on Twitter!), I’m going to Korea this summer! I got the news this Friday when my parents told me they would help me go there as a birthday gift e000_027 (most awesome parents in the world? I think so!) so I’ve started doing a lot of research and I thought of sharing the results with you.

You may know that I’m a sucker for Korean drama so I remembered a few locations I had seen before and I got curious. Luckily, Korea’s Tourism Organization website is one of the most complete tourism website I’ve seen in a while! A section of their website lists filming locations by dramas and each page includes a lot of information on the location and even the drama itself! Here are a few that I added to my list, hopefully, I’ll get a chance to visit those when I’m there! e000_026

personnal taste
coffee prince
I narrowed down my choices to these locations and dramas but you will find a complete list of locations on Korea’s Tourism Organization website ! The list also includes a few filming locations from movies such as 200 Pounds Beauty and My Sassy Girl. Hopefully, Secret Garden will be added soon e000_058

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