Thursday, March 31, 2011

Twitter harassment; enough is enough

What do Jean-François Champagne and Peter Coffin have in common?

Both are facing justice for their scandalous remarks on Twitter. The later, Coffin, was exposed last week for posing as his own girlfriend using pictures from a Korean ulzzang by Xiaxue after he slandered her on Twitter. Coffin was reputed for tweeting insults and even racist remarks to other twitter users as well as Internet personalities. After being discovered, Coffin had a taste of “Internet Justice”; he has since disabled comments on his YouTube channel, locked his Twitter and even a rumour of a petition is going around to have his YouTube partnership revoked.

However, Champagne will be facing real Justice by going to Court to answer to four charges of harassment and two charges of death threats for remarks he made on Twitter to various TV and radio personalities such as Guy A Lepage and the Justiciers Masqués over the past few weeks.

Before I go on with this post, I want to show some of this guy’s tweet before they vanish from Twitter;

JiCLajoieRepeatedly attacking radio personality Jean-Charles Lajoie.
Roughly translates to: “ Loll big faggot I’m punching u in the stomach and
while ur on the ground lol big idiot keep humiliating yourself on the radio


Attacking television personality André Robitaille, Champagne says:
Llloll Andre ur really a fucking idiot, stupid and useless fat ugly idiot loll slut

These are the most toned down tweets I could find on this guy’s page. Some are extremely sexually explicit and disgusting. And he doesn’t only attack celebrities but also random Twitter users.

Thankfully, this guy was arrested and he’s staying in jail until tomorrow. I sure hope this guy stays in prison until his trial: he cannot be allowed near a computer again as this guy obviously has a lot of anger issues, especially against women, from what I’ve read on his Twitter page.

The reason why I’m writing about this is that I am so glad that the SPVM (Montreal police department) reacted quickly and grabbed this deranged man by the collar and put a stop to all this nonsense. I’m relieved that as a society, we are able to stand up and say :” No, this is not ok” and report such behaviour, especially when these things happen online were a lot of people tend to thing that it’s jungle where you can say anything you want. As a blogger, I receive hate comments once in a while. I’m only a small dot on the blogging sphere and a lot of fellow bloggers receive so much more hate that they absolutely do not deserve. I hope that as this story unfolds, people will really understand that no matter where you are, online and in real life, you are accountable for what you say and what you do.

If you’ve ever been a victim of harassment online, I urge you to report it. Don’t let it get too far.

screencaps from Prosecutor Princess

Traduction française de ce billet disponible demain…. je suis fatiguée la la~

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