Friday, April 29, 2011

Going Crazy… because of finals

Hi everyone~ How was your week?

I had so many exams this week… I can’t even remember how many I had… I looked like crap most of the time at school. I did make the effort of putting make up at one point but I fell asleep while studying and it smudged everywhere 03 haha

When I came back home today, I really needed to relax a bit since I’ll be spending my week-end doing more studying so I printed a few piano sheets and played a bit. I’ve been obsessed with the song Going Crazy by Song Ji En so I decided to learn it. It’s not looking too bad so here’s a snippet!

I started  playing when I was 6-7 years old but stopped when I was in high school, around the same time I developed symptoms for epilepsy so I sometimes had a hard time controlling my fingers when practicing in the morning. It’s fun that I’m able to play without that now haha

Next time, I’ll film from the other side… I can’t really move my ring finger because it hurts every time I do so this is why my left hand looks messy… please overlook that ^^”


On completely unrelated news, this week at school the Peace Garden comity was selling these bracelets as a fundraiser for building the Garden. I really like the idea of the Peace Garden and I think it’s a very nice response to the tragedy that happened here.e000_015

Wow this post as been sufficiently boring icon_worries2 Have a nice week-end!!

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