Sunday, May 15, 2011

Popteen and Popsister May 2011

Hi everyone! I had planned to blog about recent item gets… but I’m still  sick and I spent the whole day in bed; I had absolutely no willpower to get up and take pictures of the clothes.e000_077 However, I still have a few magazine collages lined up and I thought it would be good to share those with you instead of leaving you with that nasty blog post on top of my page haha. Plus, Japanese magazine are so quick in publishing: sometimes, I’m not even done looking at one magazine that the next month issue is already out, scanned and all over the Internet! Or maybe I’m too slow when I look at them?

In any cases, here are my picks for the may issues of Popteen and Popsister!

Popteen May 2011


A lot of the above outfits have been all over Tumblr lately, so I don’t want to elaborate more on them haha. However, I love everything that’s going on in these: beautiful pumps, lacy socks, delicate material and soft colours… loving it icon_upheart

Popsister May 2011


Again with the soft colours but with a more adult feel, still loving it! I spotted shoes very similar to the one the second model is wearing at Spring! I should go back and get them!!

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