Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Summer gets

Hi everyone~ I’ve been feeling a lot better and finally my voice is back! Since I was feeling a lot better, I went shopping with Dominique this afternoon and thought it would be nice to show you the things that got today as well as other things that I got while shopping with Ariane :)

Dress: 21.80$
Jumsuit: 17.50$

I got this nice white dress and floral jumsuit last week at Forever21! I had been looking for a clubbing dress and I had only one criteria: NOT BLACK!!! I seem to always wear black whenever I go out… as easy to match, it gets boring so I thought this dress was really nice for a change! The jumpsuit was actually pointed out by Ariane as we both fell in love with it. We first saw the pink one but later found the turquoise one which looked nicer =)

Urban Behavior
25.99$… but the cashier scanned it wrong and it was 19.99$ instead :D

I had also tried on this dress at Urban Behavior while shopping with Ariane but didn’t end up buying: I wasn’t sure about if I really liked it. I ended up thinking about this dress the rest of the week and picked it up today while whopping with Dominique! I had always wanted a maxi dress and never expected they were soooo comfortable! I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on these for so long…


11.99$ on sale

I’m absolutely in lot with this shirt! From the round collar to the white polka dots, I find it’s perfect for the vintage-retro trend that’s going on right now! I could like to pair it with beige shorts, this is the next item on my list!


Forever 21

Finally, Dominique and I both ended up buying this necklace: I really like keys and I thought this one was quite nice! I reminded me how some people don’t like that their friends buy the same things as them and I always thought that was ridiculous… if you don’t want people to wear the same things as you… make your own clothes? haha

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