Thursday, May 26, 2011

You’re not so innocent

I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately and ranting quite a bit haha. Recently, I see a lot of Facebook statuses or notes that goes along the lines of “ I hate people who talk in my back, it’s not right” and every time, I laugh.

I laugh because I find it funny that someone think he or she (it’s generally girls who write those kind of things tho) think so highly of themselves that they give themselves the right to tell other people it’s wrong to gossip or talk behind one’s back when they actually do it themselves.

Bitch, you’re not an angel.e000_079

Everyone does it. You do it too. It might not be full on trash talk or intense gossip, but you have, do or will talk behind somene’s back. It might not be right but fuck it, I do it. I trash talk behind people’s back. When I hear a gossip, I will not stop the person on the account of good moral and yadi yada, I want to know the juicy stories to.

Don’t lecture people on something you can’t even do yourself.

I think next time I see a status about that, I’ll call out the person~

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