Sunday, June 12, 2011

Decoden: Ipod case + inspiration

Hi everyone! How was your week-end?

I stayed home and relaxed :) With the Grand Prix frenzy in Montreal, I didn’t really feel like going out so I stayed in, rested and caught up with my Korean dramas haha!

Last week, I finished modifying my iPod Touch case and here is the final result.


I dropped it so a few pearls fell off but I have already reglued those haha. To be honest, I find my previous design a lot better then this one: I wanted to use the pink bow I had but unfortunately, I broke it when ungluing it! Anyway, it turned out cute and I’ve received a lot of praise at work. =) I’m planning on making a new cover soon and I was looking at July’s edition of Deco Deco and thought it would be nice to share the pages that inspired me the most for my next design!

037 054055 057
Click on pictures for full size :)

A lot of pink, characters and sweets! The page that inspired me the most was the Rilakkuma page: I really want my next case to be Rilakkuma themed!!! Time for deco materials shopping! If you have any deco websites that I should check out, let me know! :D



  1. Super cute deco! I recently got obsessed with deco and I want to start decoing a case for my iPhone 3GS... Too bad all the pretty predecoed cases are for iPhone 4 sob ( ;´Д`)

  2. Nice case !! Do you order everything online ? Cant find any stores that sell decoden supplies in mtl.. :(