Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Flower shoes

Hi everyone! How are you all? e000_012

I have a day off from my very intensive training for my job: it is a lot of fun and I have already made friends with a lot of my new co-workers! I can’t wait to work more :) Since I’ve been so busy, I haven’t updated both this blog and my Twitter so to make up, I thought I should you my summer shoes!

Instead of taking pictures in my room like I usually do, I thought it would be nice to give you a tour of my backyard: my mum spends so much time gardening, it needs to be showed off a little bit!


I bought these shoes recently at Spring: they were on sale for 29,99$ instead of 49,99$! I was quite happy because I first spotted these online but my size wasn’t available. After visiting two stores, I finally found my size! I simply couldn’t walk away without them :) And to reward my efforts, I was given an extra 10% discount after convincing the cashier that I had left my SPC card home (when I don’t actually have one… teehee~)


I bought these sandales yesterday at H&M while shopping with a new co-worker! They were really comfortable despite their height (17cm!) and even better, they were 29,99$ instead of 60$!


I got these shoes a few years ago at Payless but never got the chance to wear them: I got a Wide size by mistake and I couldn’t exchange them because they were on clearance T_T Luckily, with a bit of padding and filly socks (which are really in this summer!) I can finally wear these shoes! I don’t remember how much they cost me but I think they were under 15$ for sure!


For no-heels day, I got these shoes back in January during Spring’s huge New Year’s sale: they were only 10$ so I also got them in black. Both are quite nice for retro looks :)

I hope you have nice weather where you are right now! If not, here are a few extra flower shots from our garden: I hope these cheer you up a little bit!





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