Thursday, June 2, 2011


Hi everyone? How have you all been?

Despite my random rant last week, I’m doing great! I’ve been missing in action a little bit because I finally have a new job and there were a few important steps to complete before I really start my training next week end! I’m really excited: I’m finally getting out of the hospitality field and I’m looking forward to face this new challenge!

Since this will be my last week before I have work again, I’ve been making a lot of plans with my friend Ariane since she is leaving Montreal to go back to her hometown! I’m so bummed so I’m trying to see her as much as possible before she leaves!

IMG_0805No full outfit post sorry! H&M blouse, Cancan Hat, Smart Set Jean shorts, F21 necklace and bangles

Today I met her at a beauty academy and then we met with her boyfriend and her brother: it was such a nice day, we decided to have a few drinks on a terrasse on Crescent street!

The sangria was nice and refreshing since it was a very hot day. Even thought it was windy, the wind was hot and not refreshing at all haha.


We then moved to Atti and ate Korean food! It was going back: the only times I have been at Atti was with Braeden and I had promised him that we would go back together again… woops! I’m sorry Oppa, I didn’t go with you haha

Ariane had galbi while I had japchae. The boys had kimchi jigae (is he crazy… spicy food in this heat??) and bulgogi! Yum yum! I didn’t have time to take a picture of the guys’ plates… while ariane were carefully taking pictures of our food… the guys were already halfway done!


I don’t usually post food pictures but Atti has such a nice way of presenting Korean food: most Korean restaurants are family-type restaurant so you only see this kind of presentation and decor at Atti! I’m not gonna go Marie-Claude Lortie on you guys but the prices are also very reasonable, the atmosphere is nice and the food is yummt :). Check it out!

On a side note, I’m letting my bangs grow for a change, letting my forehead see the sun! I took this picture with my friend July. It’s one of the rare picture where I’m wearing my actual glasses haha!


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