Friday, July 29, 2011

Life update: my hair and Korea in a few days… OMG!

Hi everyone!! :D Ok this blog is so being neglected… [insert blabber about being busy at work and planning trip to Korea here]

I cut my hair!


I went to Ideal Nature, thinking I should get my bangs back… but Carlos talked me out of it and made me realize how side bangs really look nice on me so he fixed them for me. As he was fixing my bangs… I realized I was fed up with my longest layer being too long compared to the rest of my hair: I haven’t cut my in months since I am trying to grow out the layers… hence why it looked ridiculous. Anyway, I asked Carlos to cut 2-3 inches off my hair!

I feel quite short for me but I really like it! I know it’ll take some time to grow back to the length that it was but at least, now everything will be about the same length! Yay!

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I’m leaving for South Korea in one week! AAAAHH! I just finished filling the form for Registraion of Canadians Abroad and I just realized how SOON my trip  is! I worked all summer in order to save up for this trip and it’s finally here! I’m sort of freaking out right now haha

I debated with myself whether I should bring my laptop with me or use my brother’s iPad to keep in touch with everyone and blog about my trip when I come back but I decided to bring my computer along ( I’m changing computer soon… might as well bring it on a last trip with me haha ) and blog as I am travelling. Of course, I will not blog everyday but I think I will be able to get a lot of interesting articles for those who are interested in South Korea! Food, musicals, touristic spots, shopping, beauty, etc!

Until then, please bare with me! I have a few posts coming up later this week about recent beauty gets, shopping I did last month and a special care package from Hong kong from Emily (THISWASFOREVER) that I can’t wait to show you! :D

Have a nice week-end!!!!

(btw… Am I neurotic if I start packing one week ahead of time?)

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