Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More Canmake Cream Cheek Blushes!

Yay! I have the next 2 (maybe 3) days off so I spent the day cleaning my room… again… e000_051

Just to make my day a bit brighter, I finally received more lashes and canmake cream cheeks blushes! Canada Post was on strike then on a lock-out for around a month for a month and mail delivery is still very slow so I wasn’t expecting to see those before I leave for Korea… yeah… that’s how bad it is >.>

I’m glad I received more canmake cream blushes! If you read my review, you know that I’m absolutely in love with those! Not a day goes day without using these blushes! Since summer started, I wanted to use a different colour so I got Marshmallow Pink (08) and Strawberry Whip (03).

IMG_0088Strawberry Whip (03).

IMG_0091Marshmallow Pink (08)


IMG_0094The packaging, as always, is adorable!

I don’t think it’s necessary for me to review these blushes again: just like for Sweet Apricot  (05) and Cherry Pink (02), they are very creamy, easy to blend and buildable! I also swatched them on my wrist for you :) Please excuse my extreme paleness ^^’

IMG_0105Bottom: Strawberry Whip (03)  Top: Marshmallow Pink (08)

That’s it for today… again I didn’t take pictures of my wearing the blushes, I’ve been doing laundry and cleaning all day so I’m not wearing any make-up at all! Oups!!

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