Friday, July 1, 2011

Ô Canada

Happy Canada everyone!

Today was such a nice day; Ideawin, Elly and I decided to hang out and enjoy the nice weather. We met at a restaurant then headed to the Jazz Festival. There wasn’t much action there so we headed to Chinatown and shopped in the Swatow Plaza.

IMG_0016 IMG_0018 IMG_0017

The Plaza opened last summer and it’s been a new shopping destination for Asian fashion and cosmetics. I even spotted Dolly Wink and Melliesh products…at the whooping price of 29$!!! We still managed to find little treasures here and there and have a lot of fun!


We all fell in love with these bow rings so we all got one and wore them right away. The shopkeeper thought we were a bit silly but whatever, those rings are cute and at the price of 2.50$, they are totally worth it haha! I like to wear my ring on my left hand’s ring finger so  we were joking around, saying these we were our “couple rings” haha



We then headed to the Old Port and enoyed the sun for a few hours, sitting on the grass and listening to music. It was a nice but simple day :)


I hope you had a nice day and I wish you a Happy Canada everyone!! :D

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