Thursday, July 14, 2011


Hi everyone~  Like I mentionned earlier this week, I have a bit of time off lately so yesterday I had time to meet up with co-workers and have lunch :) Then I passed by F21 and bought a really nice pink crochet poncho (that I will show you in another post!).

I really liked what I wore yesterday so here goes!

photo (9)

Chiffon top: Sirens
Jeans: F21
Belt and shoes: H&M
Accessories: F21
Bag: Spring

I also wore Melliesh lashes for the first time that day… I feel kinda awkward posting my first attempt since I’m aware everything would have look nicer with bottom lashes, but I guess top lashes are a decent start right?

photo 4

Not too bad… the lighting is edited since the lights in Condordia University are HORRIBLE (yay for apps~) Anyway, that’s it for today~ Have a nice payday! woohoo!!

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