Monday, August 29, 2011

Changdeokgung Palace

Hi everyone! I’m feeling so much better: I went to see my chiro today and he fixed my hand, yay! Turns out it was a nerve stuck in my arm which was making my hand hurt at times and numb at other times. It’s now back to normal!

Today, I thought it would be nice to show you one of the first attraction I visited with my brother in Korea: Changdeokgung Palace. Since it was our first visit, we opted for a guided tour… it turned out to be quite expensive but our guide was really knowledgeable. It was nice to have a guide for our first visit in Korea but we later discovered that we were able to learn just as much but on our own (and minus the cost of the guide!)












Changdeokgung Palace was the second royal villa built following the construction of Gyeongbukgung Palace in 1405. It was the principal palace for many of the Joseon kings and is the most well-preserved of the five remaining royal Joseon palaces. The palace grounds are comprised of a public palace area, a royal family residence building, and the rear garden. Known as a place of rest for the kings, the rear garden boasts a gigantic tree that is over 300 years old, a small pond, and a pavilion. […]

Though it has been treasured by Koreans for centuries, the Changdeokgung Palace was not designated a World Cultural Heritage by the World Cultural Heritage Committee until December of 1997, at the committee meeting in Napoli, Italy.” – Official Site of Tourism Tourism


Chandeokgung Palace is one of those places that you can just walk around and take your time to visit. I wish I could go back again but this time, without a guide so that I can take the time to wander around the palace more. This Palace is not as crowded as Gyeongbokgung Palace so it’s a nice place to get lost and picture yourself in your favourite historical drama.

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