Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Drinking by the Han River

2011-08-14 22.07.42 (1)Mixing beer and soju: somaek!

A classic that needed to be done! After eating some Shabu Shabu with Michael and his girlfriend, we decided that our time to try out drinking in public had come. We picked up a few bottles of soju, beer and some paper cups at a 7/11 and took a cab to the Han River.

It was a bit rainy but umbrellas did their job and we had a lot of fun! In Montreal, drinking in public is illegal so at first I was a bit worried about drinking in public even if I knew it’s totally legal here… Canadian habit I guess!

2011-08-14 22.05.08 (1)This picture is shitty but the view is very nice! No wonder it’s such a popular thing to do~

Today is my last day here in Seoul: I’m taking the plane back to Canada tomorrow… I’m quite sad but oh well! I’m going to make that last day awesome~

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