Sunday, August 21, 2011

I’m Korean…

Hi everyone! I got back from Seoul 3 days ago and boy am I jet lagged… I have no idea how I was able to work yesterday! I’m still editing pictures and I’m quite lazy right now so I will blog a bit more about my trip later… in the meantime, I wanted to tell you a funny story that happened in Korea.

Korean taxis are extremely efficient: they have GPS in the car, taxis with a FREE INTERPRETATION sticker on the window can call an interpret if they don’t understand you and they are overall quite cheap. The thing is… most cab drivers won’t use their GPS or call the interpret, they rather have you explain where you want to go because they are in a hurry too.

As a foreigner who doesn’t speak Korean, I have had a few drivers who would be upset that I couldn’t explain in details where I wanted to go even when handing them the card from my hotel… so these eonnis told me that when a cab would be angry at me, to apologize and say that I am half-Korean.

finishThe eonnis who told me that :)

On my last night in Seoul, I went clubbing with Magdalena from I like Make-Up 's little sister Maggie. After clubbing, I grabbed a gab and showed the address of my hotel to the driver who didn’t know where it was but he wouldn’t use his GPS or call the interpret so I had to use the very little Korean that I know to explain where he had to go.

At one point, he sighed and mumbled: “Aiisshh…waeguk-in…”

To be honest, I was a bit offended so I apologized and said (again with the few Korean that I know…) “ I’m sorry, my mom is Korean and my dad is Canadian. I just don’t speak Korean…” and BAM, the driver's attitude did a complete 360 and he became friendly. Once he was done complimenting me on my looks, he dropped me off at my hotel and discounted me 1000W from my taxi fare.

Between you and me… I don’t even look a single bit Asian whatsoever so I was surprised he believed that but my friend made me realize that saying that you are Korean is not something another Korean would doubt.

So… if you’re ever in a pickle with a cad driver in Seoul because he doesn’t understand you… just pop out that you’re half Korean and you’re sorry for not speaking Korean and they might be nice to you as well haha~

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