Saturday, August 27, 2011

Korea: Hedwig and the Angry Inch Musical

Hi everyone! I’m back to Montreal. The past week has been quite busy with getting back to work and school on top of my left hand giving me a lot of troubles… we suspect that I might have some form of carpal tunnel… but hey! That won’t stop me from blogging oh oh oh~

I want to write about my trip as fast as possible before I can forget details and one of the first thing I wanted to write about was a musical that I got the chance to see in Seoul.


I got the tickets… well that’s another story really and I’m not quite sure if it’s ok to mention it but let’s just say it’s a mix of a good friend’s help, apple ice cider and maybe a bit of generosity? (edit: I got the tickets throough Dominique who is friends with Dongwan) But back to the musical now.

If you have never heard of Hedwig, it’s a musical written by John Cameron Mitchell that focuses on Hedwig, a german “girlyboy”,who speaks to the audience about her botched sex change, her failed marriage and, most importantly, Thommy Gnosis who ran away with Hedwig’s song and became famous. It has been running in Korea for 5 years now and the show has featured some big names in industry: that night, Hedwig was played by Kim Dong Wan from Shinhwa.

kimdongwanI hope I’m not breaking too many teenage fantasies with this…

I not really good at reviewing these things but I have to say that I really enjoyed the show! Now, I don’t speak Korea so I did my research beforehand so I could understand what the story was about and I also listened to a few songs so I thought I knew what to expect but I wrong: the show was way better then what I expected. At first, Kim Dong Wan was hilarious as a drag… it was a bit shocking because he was so natural at it, one would thing he has done that all his life hahaha! But the show takes a dramatic turn and that’s where he really shines as an actor and a live singer.

The last representation was in August 21st but with luck, it will keep running for another season! If you happen to be in Seoul and it’s showing at the Sang Sang Musical Art Hall, go ahead, it’s a lot of fun!

Aaaannnnd… you might run into some of the cast ;)


Myself, Kim Dong Wan and my friend Angela


Posing with Kim Dong Wan… too bad the picture was blurry and my camera
died right after!

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