Sunday, August 7, 2011

THISWASFOREVER beauty swap–part 1

WAAAAAAH I’m leaving in a few hours for Seoul! This feels so surreal, I’m so excited! I can’t sleep haha…

I thought I would have had time to blog about a lot of things before I leave but turns out I ended up really busy… I forgot how leaving for a vacation requires so much work!

I still wanted to show you the amazing goodies that Emily from THISWASFOREVER sent me from Hong Kong! Back in April, we decided to do a beauty swap. Emily spent her summer teaching in China after spending a bit of time in Hong Kong. Since I’m leaving for Seoul in a few hours, we thought this would be a great opportunity to do a beauty swap, because hello! Asian cosmetics have this little tendency of being amazing and cute at the same time!

I don’t didn’t have much time to review everything she sent me so I just wanted to highlight the big stars of her package!


I was surprised to see how many items she was able to fit in that box! Lashes, candies, BB creams…!



KATE Lip Gloss in PK-2


Liole Blotting paper ( so convenient !!!!)


EOS Lip Balm – Sweet Mint

And of course…


More Dolly Wink lashes! Emily knows how much of a Dolly Wink fangirl I am so she got me these adorable No.1 Dolly Sweet lashes. I have yet to try them but I can’t wait to! One more addition to my Dolly Wink collection hehe!

As you saw in the first picture, there are A LOT of products! I’m only showing you a few today – I’ll talk about the masks in a different post, most likely when I am back in Canadialand!

In the meantime, if you were to visit Korea, what would be THE place that you would ABSOLUTELY want to visit?

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  1. SWAPS ARE SOOO FUN! i am now following you via GFC :)