Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Delicious Korean Food Diary [pics heavy]

If you are hungry, I recommend you read this post another time because today I’m going to share with you pictures of the best food that I ate in Korea! Those who follow me on instagram might recognize some of these pictures hehe

August 9th 2011


This is a large soup that my friend Doyoon, his friend and I shared for dinner. Doyoon described it as a soup that consisted of beef ligament (?) which grossed me out a little bit at first but I ended up LOVING it!



For dessert, we had Patbingsu at a popular coffee shop: Tous les Jours. Notice how all, or mort, coffee shops nowadays use French in their name. I was asked often what did that or that coffee shop name meant haha.

August 10th 2011



On the 10th, I met up with Braeden really early in the morning but it was way too early to find a good place to eat: Korea is not really a breakfest place so we ended up at another cafe branch; Paris Baguette. The employee there messed up the dirnk Braeden had ordered for me even if it wasn’t a bother because I liked the other drink he had made too but he replaced it and offered us more sweets to apologize (not picture). A few minutes later, the employee who had made the mistake came to our table and apologized and bowed so many times, I was worried his back would be sore! Culture shock #1 !



We later met with two friends of Braeden and had delicious BBQ for lunch. Oh the meat… I still remember the taste!!!

Later that night, my brother and I ordered to eat on our own without a Korean friend to help us for the first time. I spotted a small restaurant that looked like a street cart embed into a wall. Their menu was composed of very simple and popular street foods that I recognized so we decided to order 떡볶이 (tteokbokki) and 오뎅 (odeng) were foods that I love haha. Turns out that I ate at of the best street food restaurant in Hongdae; Gukdae Tteokbokki! No pictures, unfortunately.

August 13th 2011




After exploring another palace, Michael, my brother and I entered a random restaurant in Hongdae for lunch and used the useful “point at a picture” technique to order our meal. Thankfully, Michael and I both know a bit of Korea so we had an idea of what we were getting! I had cold noodle, my brother a bulgogi dish and Michael had seafood ramyun.

August 14th 2011



On the 14th, we joined my friend Angela and her childhood friend JongWon for diner! We had AMAZING 닭갈비 (Dak Galbi). My brother was amazed that the restaurant staff used a paddle to  stir everything in front of us haha.




We then headed to a more traditionnal style Korean bar in Gangnam to try 막걸리 (makgeolli), a liquor made out of rice. Turns out I wasn’t a big fan or makgeolli alone but with a bit of soda in it (commonly known as 사이다 hahaha) it was really good! We had a few side dishes with that as well: in Korea, you do not drink without eating something on the side. The egg rolls were DELICIOUS!

August 16th 2011






On the 15th, we met Michael and his girlfriend for Shabu Shabu which was really good! I especially like the fish cakes that had cherries designs, the cheese rice cake and the super refreshing water kimchi! We later headed to the Han River and drank with my friend Yeon Joon who later joinded us!

August 17th 2011

2011-08-17 18.59.22

2011-08-17 18.43.07

On the 17th, I met Yeoun Joon and Ruda, two girls that I met in Seoul. They brought me to School Food in Sinsadong. We shared beef risotto-style rice, kimbap wrapped in a sheet of egg and tteokboki… in carbonara sauce!!! Smartest mix between Asian and Western cuisine ever!!



Since this was going to be our last night in Seoul, my brother really wanted to have more bulgogi so Yeon Joon brought us to a place that served it :) I was so delicious, I haven’t had bulgogi since I have been back because I can still remember the taste of that one haha

August 18th 2011

2011-08-18 12.21.13

We spent most of our last day at Incheon Airport: our flight was delayed then undelayed and redelayed… so to be safe, we were at the airport so early, our counter wasn’t even open. I wasn’t really hungry so I had a nice sandwhich from Paris Baguette.

2011-08-18 14.29.31

Until I spotted the most delicious hot dog shop once we went through security and had this amazing “Bulgogi burger French style on baguette”. Best. Hot Dog. Ever. Korea even rocks at making food that’s not ever theirs… haha

* * *

I hope you liked this post! Many lunches and snacks were not pictured. For snacks or small lunches, we often opted rice balls or bread sold at 7/11s. On the 15th, my brother and I were both tired and simply ordered room service, which was good but not worth writing about haha.

It is SO CHEAP to eat in Korea and portions are quite big so it’s easy to share with a friend and both be full. I’m drooling as I’m about to publish this post… oups…

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