Friday, September 30, 2011

New Hair + My New Haven

Hi everyone~ I recently decided to update more regularly and talk about my life instead of waiting for a topic to pop-up in my mind and always saying that I’ve been busy haha

Yesterday, I dyed my hair!! :D

IMG_1671 IMG_1694

Half blonde and half pink! I’m really happy with the results, it was a long process because I wanted my blonde to be lighter and less yellowish so Carlos bleached it (ammonia free thank god)and toned it before adding the pink!

It looks so pretty when it’s curled!! :D

On Tuesday, after an extremely bad day, I called off for work and went to the stables with my mom to see her horse. It was really nice to get away from Montreal, pet the horses and play with the dogs.

IMG_1654 IMG_1653

IMG_1661 IMG_1655

My mom’s horse is the brown one ^ her name is Eva :) I used to horsehide when I was a kid but I stopped because I got really scared of my mom’s previous horse Kenny. He was nice but very agitated and I could barely control him. However, Eva is much nicer and already likes me. Maybe I’ll start horse-riding again, it would be fun.

Plus, that stable is very peaceful. It helped me clean my mind that day~

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